Sweden: 100 million Swedish crowns to finance biogas plants

Swedish commitment to biogas stays strong as years pass by.

Swedish biogas is sourced 40% from waste water and 60% form household waste, industrial waste and manure. Additionally there is a great potential from other sectors as forestry, to gasify ten times the amount of other types of organic waste. Swedish energy agency support biogas projects with 100 milion Swedish Crowns. Eric Zinn, Biogas Coordinator, Göteborg Energi explains: ‘The initiative from our government is to invest in a green economy, it’s called the Climate Investment Program and different names. They evaluate all proposals on how green the initiative is in relation to the investment. And this was evaluated back in 2010 – 2011, when biogas initiatives already then came out on top. You get the most climate initiative per invested euro with biogas projects. So the biogas projects always come out on top when our government tries to invest in clean technologies.’

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