Sweden: New Ford car that runs on biogas

The collaboration between Ford Motor and a local company results in major investment into gas-powered cars.

Ford Motor Company AB, the Swedish subsidiary of global automaker Fordtogether with one of Sweden’s leading companies in development of gas-powered vehicles and gas stations, launched a major collaboration for the expansion green car models for the Swedish market.

There are already two models, Ford Focus and Ford C-MAX that are already available at the market and much more are expected in 2017. This plan includes 39 cars, Ford Mondeo model, that will be delivered to Malmö Taxi.

Ford was also awarded for the EcoBoost engine, which was the main trigger for the new collaboration, and which runs on biogas.

Dennis Staaf, Managing Director of the Swedish company stated: ‘We are very proud to have developed the new Ford EcoBoost engines that run on biogas. It shows that the cooperation we have had for several years is working well and that both sides see great potential for this product.’

The main advantage of the cars that run on biogas is the 72% lower CO2 emissions, when compared to petrol powered vehicles, thus these qualify as ‘green’ class cars. This makes it exempt from the annual vehicle tax and, in the case of a company car the income tax benefit value is reduced by 40 percent.

Ford is aiming to sell 400-500 vehicles per year and sees fleet operators such as municipalities and delivery companies as main customers. The biogas powered vehicles can play a significant role in reducing the environmental impact that these organisations have. Malmö Taxi will be the first one to make this change.

Source: Bioenergy International

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