Swiss biogas potential highlighted

Country could nearly double its biogas capacity by 2025, according to a new report. 

Switzerland’s federal council last week approved a report claiming the country could increase it biogas capacity by nearly 90% to 8,000TJ by 2025. The report says improving conditions for biogas both in transport and in the heating sector “makes sense” from an energy and climate policy perspective.

But the report says a lack of European Union policy covering an efficient and cross-border biogas trading system could hinder development in Switzerland in particular. It called for an open, long-term debate leading towards an internationally coordinated European biogas market to support growth in the sector.

Last year, according to the report, the country produced about 4,300TJ of biogas. Of the current production, 1,040TJ was turned into electricity, 1,220TJ went directly for heating and 690TJ was upgraded to biomethane and sent to the gas grid. Around 1050TJ, or 26.2%, of the biogas produced was lost during the various conversion processes. Improvements in technology could reduce this loss in the future.

This article is a result of a partnership between ENDS Waste&Bionergy and EBA.

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