Frederik Gast

VGGP, Netherlands

The VGGP proposes Frederik Gast, our chairman and board member, to be elected on the EBA executive board. He has been part of the VGGP board since its foundation in 2011 and has acted in the interest of biogas producers in establishing technical biomethane specs for Biomethane injection, import conditions, Grid feedin tariffs for producers and more issues.

Frederik speaks French, German and English and is aware of the priorities of different countries and members. He has been attending EBA meetings since 2014. Frederik has been active in Biomethane for over 14 years in over 5 countries in the EU and has experience as entrepreneur or as a service provider on more than 15 installations.

  • From 2005 – 2016 Frederik was a founder – share holder of BioGast Sustainable energy. The company was a pioneer and part of the start of 11 injection plants.
  • Since 2016 he is active as project developer in Netherlands and France. In that period he also was partner and coach of two start-ups; one in small biomethane liquification and one in a mobile grid storage battery system,rented as an alternative for generators on events.
  • He is a BioGazNex shareholder. A company that builds plants in France.
  • He has an extended network and knows most associations in Biogas in the Benelux and France.
  • Since early 2019 he works most of his time for BiogasPlus (now part of Engie) in the Netherlands and France.

These years RED II is being implemented. Many regulatory definitions and the legislative positioning of GOO, feed-inn, biogas as transport fuel are a key factor in this. These influences the wellbeing of the heart of of the biogas sector ; the conversion of biomass into energy by generating electricity, heat, biomethane and CO2. If the producers of biogas can live well, the rest of the sector -supplying and servicing them – will also do well. EBA must have important influence here. Frederik knows these subjects from being an entrepreneur in the sector in the Netherlands and abroad.

And as a board member on a federation and making efforts to steer politics and by participating in EBA meetings and workshops..He is ready to help EBA to execute its mission and meet its goals

Frederik has an academic law degree and business education.