Niels Peters

Dutch Biogas Association

Niels has been active in the renewable energy sector for more than 15 years and the last 10 years he has been specifically active in the biogas sector. He started as an employee at a biogas installation and since 2020 he is the CEO (and co-owner) of SFP Group. The SFP Group develops, builds and operates several biogas plants in the Netherlands and abroad, on an industrial scale.

Beside mid-sized biomethane plants, industrial scale biomethane plants are needed to ensure the fast uptake of biomethane in within Europe. Niels’ practical background as a biogas plant owner and experience on managing larger scale plants, including funding, permitting and securement of supply, bring a strong contribution to the Executive Board.

Niels has been Board Member of the Dutch Biogas Association since 2016 and Board Member of the EBA since 2019.