Niels Peters

Dutch Biogas Association

Hereby you receive the nomination of Niels Peters. Niels is 37 years old, lives in two countries (Netherlands and Italy, because he is married with an Italian) and is since 2008 active in de renewable energy sector. For the last 6 years he is working for a company that produces biogas in The Netherlands. They produce electricity, heat and also biomethane on two 2 different locations

In the south of the Netherlands.

Since 2016 he is an active board member of the Dutch Biogas Association and responsible in the board for the subsidies, legislations issues. For the company he works, Niels is responsible for the biogas feedstock, project development and overall economic performance of owning and operating a biogas plant.

Niels is well known by the European biogas sector and speaks fluently Dutch, English and fairly Italian.