Prof. Erik Meers

Biogas-E, Belgium

Prof. Erik Meers is associated to the Ghent University (Belgium) where he coordinates research in resource recovery. He is founder of the EU project cluster Biorefine Cluster Europe (

He also coordinated the Flemish biogas association (Biogas-E ; from 2012-2016 and is currently board member in this local association representing Ghent University. In recent years, Erik Meers has supported EBA as chairman to the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) and in that capacity organized the 2016 EBA conference in Ghent and supported the 2018 edition in Antwerp with research contributions. Erik Meers submits his candidacy for EBA Board and function of vice-president. His main aims in that position would be to re-organize and increase the participation and involvement of research institutes into the activities of EBA. NOT with the aim to set up a research agenda for the association BUT to increase technical background of the association in order to support the policy agenda and with a clear goal towards innovation-towards business implementation.