The European Commission opens its public consultation on the Circular Economy

The European Commission is committed to publish an ambitious roadmap by the end of 2015 which will list a series of legislative proposals, non-legislative items and the revision of existing EU legislation.

Among several priorities, the Circular Economy Package aims to set recycling targets, limit unsustainable waste management practices and facilitate the access to the EU market for domestic secondary raw materials such as organic fertilisers. These measures are essential to encourage public authorities and private actors to treat organic waste in a more sustainable way, particularly in AD plants. In addition, the introduction of organic fertilisers into EU legislation is indispensable to create a safe and stable market for digestate in Europe.

The definitive list of proposals that will be included in the roadmap is still to be decided by the Commission. In this respect, the outcome of the public consultation on the Circular Economy will be crucial in determining which items will be kept. Citizens, organisations and public authorities are welcomed to provide their contribution online till the 20th of August.

Ahead of the consultation EBA’s President and members of its Secretariat met with the cabinets of the Commission’s Vice-Presidents Timmermans and Katainen, who lead the Circular Economy file. You can read more about this meeting here.

EBA will prepare an answer to the consultation and will reach out to its members soon.