The strategic role of off-grid renewables gases

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This joint publication with Liquid Gas Europe outlines renewable gas options, such as BioLPG, Biogas, BioLNG and rDME, suitable for rural buildings which could facilitate rapid progress towards greenhouse gas emission reductions in Europe.

The EU has a target of a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and a net zero ambition by 2050. It is critical that the legislative frameworks and associated policies enable a Just Energy Transition where no one is left behind. Solutions that are available, easily deployable, cost effective and socially acceptable will be needed to achieve ambitious climate targets, and in view of rising energy security concerns it is equally important to consider solutions that ensure supply security and energy system resilience. The role of off-grid renewable gases is critical in this respect as they can facilitate the sustainability journey of communities in rural areas that often do not have the luxury to choose from many sustainable alternatives that are cost effective as well as lower carbon.

Executive summary accessible here.