UK: ADBA concludes that the number of biomethane plants could quadruple by 2021

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) forecasts that the Chancellor George Osborne’s spending review could support the construction of an additional 140 biomethane plants. 

The announced £1.15 billion allocation for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) budget by 2021 could quadruple the number of UK biomethane plants. These plants represent a fourfold increase on current numbers and with the combined potential to heat almost 500,000 homes.

According to the ADBA research, biomethane deployment is set to build upon record growth since last December, which has witnessed a quadrupling of plant numbers from 10 to 40. ADBA CEO Charlotte Morton argues that the anaerobic digestion industry has a strong case in its hands, claiming that: “Not only will the additional 140 biomethane plants provide a source of indigenous gas, reducing our dependence on natural gas imports from volatile parts of the world and creating thousands of manufacturing jobs, but will do so by generating value from municipal waste otherwise destined for expensive landfill, and by supporting farming resilience through improved food production and resource management”.

If a reasonable proportion of the RHI budget is allocated to anaerobic digestion and the scheme structure is workable, then ADBA forecasts that there could be 180 biomethane plants in operation by 2021.

Source: Bioenergy Insight
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