UK: Green light for Cumbrian gasification plant

The new gasification plant will be operational in 2019.

The new energy-from-waste facility that will use the gasification technology, got a green light form Cumbria Country Council. The council approved the plans for €91m facility thus the construction is starting now and the plant will be operational in 2019.

The 195,000 tonnes of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) per year will be gasified to produce synthetic gas which will later be used in a boiler to heat the water. This boiler will produce the steam to power a turbine which will produce electricity. The electrical capacity of the plant should reach 22MW.

Planning officers made sure that the site was earmarked for redevelopment as well as far away from the residential properties and screened by existing vegetation, in order not to disturb the residents.

As Mr Donald Wilkins, senior planner at planning consultancy Stephenson Halliday said, the construction should start in 2017 and last for two years.

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