UK: Largest AD plant starts operating in Wales

The €16.6 anaerobic digestion plant was officially opened on 2 December.

The largest anaerobic digestion plant in Wales will collect waste from households and businesses and will convert it to renewable energy.

The plant is located at Park Stormy near Bridgend and will process approximately 48,000 tonnes of organic waste, generating 3MW of electricity which is enough to power more than 5,900 homes. The plant will also produce fertilisers that can benefit over 3,000 acres of local farm land.

Alexander Maddan, Chief Executive of the company that developed the project said: ‘We are proud of this AD project and the increased accessibility to our industry-leading food waste recycling services it brings. The new plant will offer much needed reliable capacity to local markets and we are pleased that large volumes of waste are already coming in from local sources.  Local plants such as this reduce the cost of waste collection and treatment and should provide an incentive for many businesses to recycle food waste.’

Source: Bioenergy Insight

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