UK: REA responds to Amber Rudd’s first speech as Secretary of State to the Conservative Conference

The Renewable Energy Association urges national Energy Secretary to set out long term plan towards a low carbon economy.

As Amber Rudd’s speech follows months of damaging government announcements, REA highlights that the industry needs certainty about the future of energy policy in the UK.

The association states that since the election there has been bonfire of policies, with nothing taking their place to continue the delicate success of the UK’s renewables industry.

The second quarter of 2015 saw a record 25% of the UK’s electricity being generated by renewables, producing more than coal for the first time. Yet recent announcements risk halting any new investment in this area.

REA remarks that renewable energies have added over 20% capacity to the UK electricity grid in the past 5 years, during which there has been negligible building of any other new generation. The press release warns that if the Secretary of State wants to avoid a capacity crunch in future years, she has to ensure the only sector building continues building. Head of Policy and External Affairs of the REA, James Court said: “The recent government announcements are risking the loss of jobs, expertise and investment at a crucial time. We need the Secretary of State to give confidence that the UK is still open for renewables, because we have seen nothing but negative announcements since the election”

Source: REA