UK: REA launches new campaign supporting mandatory biowaste collection

The campaign is designed to highlight to Government that there is a huge untapped resource waiting to assist England’s recycling target of 50% by 2020 as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With this action, REA wants to highlight the great deal of food waste and other biowaste produced nationally, and the fact that it is a standard practice not only in parts of the UK such as Scotland, but also internationally in regions of Canada, the United States, and in the EU for food and/or biowaste to be collected separately.

The campaign is thus based on the premise that this would save local authorities money in collection and disposal costs, it would also help improve soil quality, and would support the development of a vibrant anaerobic digestion industry while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

Discussions are driven on twitter at #FoodWastePush and @REAssociation. An online petition has also been set up at It has a target number of signatures sought frombusinesses and individuals, and which point the petition will be taken to REA’s network of civil servants, Members of the Parliament, and Peers in government.


Source: REA
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