UK: Step forward for the Nottinghamshire £70million energy centre

The new facility will potentially supply 23.000 homes

The renewable energy developer’s plan for a £70million energy centre in Nottinghamshire got another green light whit approval form the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Member of the Parliament Greg Clark.

This initiative will give life to a new facility developed at Peel Environmental’s Bilsthorpe site. The plant will be able to supply 9.6 MW of electricity grid, which will be enough to power 23.000 homes, and at the same time it will be producing additional 4MW for itself.

The new energy centre includes two elements. The first is a materials recovery facility (MRF) which will be producing fuel and recovering valuable recyclable materials from the residual waste (left after recycling), that would have otherwise ended up landfilled.

The second element is a gasification facility that will then use this fuel to create electricity and heat. It is expected that this energy facility will divert up to 117,000 tonnes of waste form landfill and recover up to 22,000 tonnes of recyclable materials per year. The centre will also provide up to 330 full time equivalent jobs during the construction, and 46 jobs once it becomes operational.

Greg Clark agreed also, with an inspector’s recommendation, to grant consent for the Bilsthorpe Energy Centre, a project that would sort around 117,000 tonnes of waste per year, with 95,000 of it being transformed to syngas and the remainder recycled. Members of Nottinghamshire Country Council initially approved the project in 2014 but afterwards put back in consideration by the government.

More information can be found here.