UK: Waste and Resources Action Programme presents new food waste plan

The WRAP launched a new waste action plan at ADBA Conference in Birmingham.

The Food Waste Recycling Action Plan introduced 16 actions to remove barriers to cost-effective food waste recycling in England, through biogas producing and composting.

Current situation shows that UK wastes 10 million tonnes of food every year, out of which only 1.8 milliontonnes is being recycled, thus htis project aims for three main goals. First, increase the amount of food waste collected from households and the commercial and industrial sector. Second, provide long term sustainable feedstocks for biogas producing and in-vessel composting (IVC) plants. Third, spread the costs and benefits of collecting and recycling food waste across its whole supply chain.

These actions are supported by loacal authorities, waste treatment operators, private sector waste collectors and indusrty bodies, including ADBA.

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Minister, Rory Stewart, Member of the Parliament, welcomed the Action Plan, saying: “The growth of the food waste recycling in the UK is a real success story, but more can be done.  I welcome the Action Plan, showing how by working together, industry, government, businesses and local authorities can drive up the amount of unavoidable, inedible food waste that is recycled, helping our environment and boosting our economy.”

Read the full report here.