EBA Activity Report 2022

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2022 has been a year full of developments for the biogas and biomethane industry. Last year, the European Biogas Association (EBA) continued to emphasize that biogas and biomethane can represent a stable and sustainable source of locally produced energy. These advantages were echoed by the European Commission in the REPowerEU plan, which, for the first time, included the European goal of achieving a biomethane production of 35 bcm by 2030.

Throughout the year, the EBA also released 21 internal and external publications and 17 policy documents of various types, joined six EU research projects and presented EBA positions at 70 external events. Internally, the EBA presented a new working group structure, celebrated the election of a new EBA Board, welcomed 60 new members and saw the Secretariat grow to 16 staff members.

Read our report to get an overview of EBA activities in 2022:

  • Foreword
  • 2022 at a glance
  • Monitoring the expansion of the sector
  • Our key political stands in 2022
  • Driving innovation
  • Outreach 2022
  • EBA people
  • EBA community
  • Why should you also join us?