EBA appoints two new board representatives to support the scale-up of the biogas and biomethane industry in Europe

  • Olivier Aubert has joined the EBA Executive Board on behalf of Swen Capital, reference investment company in the renewable gas sector.

  • Matthias Kerner will be part of the EBA Company Advisory Board representing bmp greengas, one of the leaders of the German biomethane sector.

Brussels, 04 March 2021Olivier Aubert and Matthias Kerner will support the EBA Strategy for the coming years aimed at ensuring a minimum installed capacity of 45GW of biomethane in Europe by 2030. The sector is quickly scaling up to support the implementation of the EU Green Deal and help the EU reach climate-neutrality by 2050.

Biogas and biomethane can help decarbonise many sectors of the EU economy, including transport, heating and energy-intensive industries. As renewable gases, their production and use avoids emissions by replacing fossil fuels. They are also a solution for curbing agricultural and industrial waste related methane emissions, the 2 sectors with higher GHG emissions related to human activity. Additionally, the applications of biogas in agriculture enable rural development and are a driver of the transition towards a more efficient and sustainable farming sector.

Olivier Aubert is a Civil Engineer with 25 years of experience in the Gas & Electricity sector. Having played managerial roles in business development internationally for 15 years, he became in 2012 Deputy CEO of GRTgaz, the French natural gas transmission operator. He has led the development of the biomethane injection in France since 2012 and launched the first power to gas project in the country (Jupiter 1000). In 2019 he founded SWEN Impact Fund for Transition (SWIFT), the first private equity Fund dedicated to biomethane production and distribution in Europe, which has in March 2021 interests in more than 100 biomethane facilities, under production or construction or development in 6 European Countries.

Since 2015, Matthias Kerner has been involved in the German Biomethane market, first from a production/upgrading perspective and since 2017 from a trading perspective as managing director of bmp greengas GmbH. Initially, Matthias served as a CFO, and since mid-2019 he has been responsible as the managing director of bmp greengas, becoming one of the market leaders for biomethane trading in Germany. Before joining bmp greengas, he worked in the energy industry for seven years.

Olivier Aubert “My dream is to see renewable gas replacing 100% natural gas over time, and 10% in 2030 would see us collectively achieving already a great “first step”.

Matthias Kerner “My international business experience and understanding of the German/European biomethane developments can add a substantial value to the achievement of EBA goal of establishing a European market for biomethane.”