EBA’s Companies Advisory Council has new leadership

The Company Advisory Council (CAC) of EBA had it’s 15th meeting in Freising, Germany last week. The companies have chose the new chairman and vice-chairman of the body.

The topics of last weeks’ meeting were Energy Union and what’s for companies in it, presented by EBA president Jan Stambaskya and BIOSURF project, a project EBA currently runs and potential benefits for companies within the project. At the same time, Attila Kovacs, EBA’s board member presented the recent developments on the biomethane markets.

Apart from very crucial topics for the biogas and biomethane industry the representatives of the Company Advisory Council, that counts 40 companies at the moment, also discussed common promotional and marketing campaign and voted for the new chairman and vice-chairman.

Philipp Lukas, from Future Biogas, a UK based specialist in biogas plants construction and operation was elected for the CAC chairman, while Michael Niederbacher, the CEO of BTS Biogas, the largest biogas plant provider in Italy, was elected for the position of CAC vice-chairman.

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