The objective is to elaborate a solid information base on FaB (Food and Beverage) waste utilisation for biogas production and to prove the efficiency and feasibility of FaB waste-based biogas implementation projects. During 30 months of the project partners will:

  • Set-up national contact points in FaB associations in all partner countries
  • Organise awareness raising events for FaB
  • Identify potentials for using FaB waste
  • Compile a complete set of tools and guidelines, facilitating cooperation between FaB industry, biogas sector and lawmakers all over Europe.

Project duration: 04/2013 – 10/2015

EBA’s role

  • EBA will prepare an International Handbook “Biogas production in Food and Beverage Industry”, describing status of biogas production in partner countries, status of R&D projects on this topic, best practice examples and the most promising FaB industry branches.
  • Information on the national legal frameworks on green energy production and information on already known barriers in biogas production
  • To assists the FaB associations for detailed questions arising during the advisory services
  • To organize workshops and seminars for FaB industry


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